A poem book by Adi Leshem

The Body Illusion

The poems in the book "The Body Illusion" reveal the challenges
in the journey of life, and accepting imperfection

Editor of Hebrew version: Ilan bar-David

Illustrations: Nina Gleicher

Hebrew version published by: Nivbooks

Translation to English by : Adi Leshem

Editor of English version: Hila  Ratzabi

English version designed by: Inbar Lazar

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 A special launch performance was held on October 2018

 At the  Performing Arts center in Hod Hasharon

 On stage performed with me, were very talented artists: Inbal Paz, Odelya Kirshenbaum,  and my daughter Yasmine Leshem-Levin who danced with me

Two more special participants on stage were: Nina Gleicher and Ilan Bar-David

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A poem book I wrote in Hebrew and translated to English – poems written during the journey of life, that reveal my innermost feelings, challenges and coping with them.  The resoluteness approach towards challenges and acceptance, the loss of perfection perceptive of the body, life events, and love realtions
The book portrays through poetry, a life story of a girl, throughout her youth and now a woman, who pursues professional sports, the bond she has between body-mind-soul, mind – control methods, and nutrition, suddenly discovering she has a certain muscle dystrophy

Interweaved between the poems you will find special Pointillism-Cubism illustrations by the artist Nina Gleicher, reflecting the reverberations her heart felt while reading my poems

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Here is a peek

? How did it all began

My drive and passion to write  this book and fullfil my dream  was the special show I created in 2017 The body Illusion and the audience reaction to it. The people were moved by my texts and choreography, from letting them in on my thoughts, emotions,  dealing with my muscle dystrophy disease, they said they were touched and inspired by it

Who will most likely enjoy the book

Somewhere, at some point in our lives we are met with an emotional or physical challenge

If you relate to this or know someone who is experiencing a great challenge in their lives, I believe that the poems in this book will help in understanding situations from the inside-out

The book may be an asset to those who may feel  a challenge seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, whether it is mental or physical


A poem from the book
Press play and hear me read it for you 🙂

The video made by Ofir Leshem-Levin

The body Illusion poem book


Some of us live by the ‘illusion of control’ Joseph H. Pilates even named his method ‘contrology’. We are in charge of our life style, are responsible for the choices we make, but sometimes if we pay close attention, it isn’t always so smooth. Sometimes due to our fears. Fears might prevent us from setting a goal or acheiving a certain goal, and sometimes the fears will come out as a physical difficulty, until an injury or illness occurs or merely pain.

Connecting the dots between all these aspects in life could help us heal ourselves and lead a more complete and healthy life. This is why my son, Ofir thought of changing the name of my studio from Infinity to Insideout. Healing and creating our lives from our insideout.

Why Illusion?
Our thoughts, memories, feelings- our brain gives us an illusion we are at a certain place. Our charachteristics supposedly make us run our lives in a certain way, responding, moving, engaging a certain activity. The ability to investigate, ask quetions, solve problems, and produce infinite ideas, is part of what makes the brain such an important organ.
It has strength, it is not a muscle, but it has tremendous power. The power of believing and understanding. It holds onto our memories, which may help us in the future. It has a great impact over our body.
A surgery sometimes save lives, but without the power of the brain that is in charge of the healing process the surgery might fail.

About me

About me
My name is Adi Leshem, 43, I love dancing, movement, reading, writing, and sitting next to water resorts. Mother of two adorable children, 15 and 12, raising them by myself with tremendous love.

As a child I was a professional gymnast. This was my first love and the love of my life.
Afterwards, during my teen years, I was a professional swimmer, and also a member of the high school athletic team. In those years, I also became a gymnastics instructor for children and women.
I started learning body-mind methods at the age of 8 to help me through the stress and migrane headaches.

I am a food technologist, graduated from the Hebrew Uni. Former owner of Pilates Theta and Recall healing studio.
I always led an athletic life.
So when 6 years ago I discovered I have a muscle dystrophy, it was like a huge earthquake for me.
As a consequence, I lost the confidence I had in my strong body, and the belief that everything is possible.
I have always felt as Peter Pan, or Tinker Bell that can fly out of reality to a make believe world somewhere in the 7th plane, and come back making the dream come to life in reality.

All I knew was suddenly in question.

Having to discover who I am again is very exciting.
Apprehending that the body abilities do not define who I am was a breakthrough. When I am devoted to something it could happen. Like this book coming to life.

In my perception the body is an optical illusion.
In this book you will find different perspectives about our existence.

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 The book was published in Hebrew by Nivbooks 2018, and is now ready in English as well

When I was about 9 years old I went to the sea with my parents. I was swimming in the shallow waters, but suddenly found myself in a whirlpool. Out of instinct  I let go and the waves got me to the shore in a flash. I got up like nothing happened, No one had noticed. It is a very frightening experience, but it became a powerful one as well

 I found out that I have good instincts and that the universe is good to me after all

Meeting with legendary Nadia Comaneci. In the picture, Nadia receives her copy of “The Body Illusion”

Credit for the photos and special thanks to Ilan Gazit, former Israeli Gymnastics champion, and an International Gymnastics judge, coach, and commentator

Reviews and Recommendation on the Body Illusion


Grady HarpTop Contributor: Children’s Books

Reviewed in the United States on September 18, 2020


Israeli poet Adi Leshem appears to be making a literary debut with this book of luminous poems, works of such high quality and accompanied by fine artwork that it seems obvious we will be hearing more from this talented and sensitive poet.

Without offering a Foreword to enlighten the reader as to background or to taint the reader’s view of the content, the book of poems is divided into three sections – Optical Illusion, About Life, and About Love – and each section offers insights into how we view our minds and souls and bodies, illuminating the relationships ‘between us, the earth, the wind, the universe, love relationships, children, the pain of the body, the ache of the heart, and the quest to healing and fulfilling oneself.’

The first section celebrates the body as only a ballet dancer can fully express: each body part becomes a brief airborne moment as a poem. In the second section – About Life – the poems are even more universal in nature. And example follows:

Seeing, Seen Through

I can see but can’t be seen,
See through

Here I am

Light as a feather
Hovering above

This is how
I see while being see through

Light and airy, at times humorous, but at all times sensitive views of the connection between mind, body, and soul. Food for thought – and eloquent poetic ideas. Grady Harp, September 20







…When things go wrong
The Body Illusion is a show I created to tell my story through , poetry, dance, and songs
As a former gymnast and someone who led a very athletic life I have a lot to cope with mentally and physically to accept imperfection and loss of body abilities
It was made during 2017 and was  held on 9.9.17 at the Performance Arts Conservatorion in Zoran full capacity audience- 200 people

 It was a dream I had during my 20’s to accomplish by 40, and the life events made me put it aside, but suddenly the dream was awaken calling me to fulfill it

Videoclip made by :Omer Leshem

While planning the show, I invited more artists to join me, ones who had related pieces of music: Avishag Ziv, Omer Leshem, Hagit Maoz

The choreography of the first dance Ruth Peretz. The second dance was made by my 9 year old daughter (now 12)

The third dance was made by Maya Ben Yaakov-Ashman and myself

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please contact me  text or call +972-0524415700 I will be happy to assist you

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To watch a videoclip from a national gymnastics competition 8.5 ys old, Head judge the famous Agnes Kelety click down here

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